Having skill and experience in IT, my thinking of marketing and advertisement is now all about through Internet. There are plenty of other ways – can’t work out. Internet marketing is easy and cheap.

Need to invent something else beside internet.


Women With Umbrella

The winter is wild here.

In winter it rains with stormy wind. The wind is strong, strong enough to break the ribs and stretchers of your umbrella. I saw a woman in the street holding the handle and shaft of her umbrella in two hands, struggling to keep the convex canopy against the wind. The wind blew through all directions, the wind turned the convex canopy into concave and broke the ribs and stretchers – not sure how many.

You may buy an umbrella with warranty here. I guess only women buy an umbrella with warranty.

In the same winter, I saw another woman in a small store talking to the store manager. It was a dispute. Dispute to claim the warranty. The woman’s argument was, “I bought it from your store and you should replace my broken umbrella. It couldn’t survive against the wind yesterday.”

The store manager was trying to explain her – she had to send the umbrella to Sydney for replacement. He was a seller, couldn’t replace it.

The woman gave up, I remember her frustrated face. She was leaving the store. I was curious. I asked the woman, “It’s poor service, isn’t it? How much did you pay for it?” She found me a sympathetic person. She was glad to share the price was $23 and it would take $20 to post it to and from Sydney. She then said, “Where on earth we are living! Can’t get it replaced!!”

I gave her a free advice and a free smile, “Better buy a new one, but not the same brand.”

Umbrella is not very useful in the strong wind here. The strong wind blows with rain and the rain falls in different angles. The wind comes from different directions, so the rain. My Kiwi colleague joked that the rain does not fall on the ground of New Zealand, rain flies – you would see the drops blowing with wind parallel to the ground surface which is horizontal. It wasn’t a joke though.

The winter in Perth comes with rain and wind but the sun shows up. It’s sunny most of the hours of a day, and every day.

Perth is a bright and sunny place round the year.


A Love Story

All she wanted was to marry him and start a life in Guatemala. She didn’t like Guatemalan boys but she loved him, it was only him in Guatemala who got her attention. I never met him but heard of him from Ana almost every day while I stayed in Guatemala for a month. It was in January 2002.

The weather was pleasant in January; it is pleasant round the year in Guatemala – it’s always spring there. Ana liked the weather more than anything of Guatemala. She had left her home country Brazil 3 years before I met her.

It was beautiful evening at an Italian restaurant. We were waiting for pastas that we had ordered. Ana said, “Have you felt it? Just now? A moment ago?” She looked panic.

“What was that?”, I asked
“Trembling what?”, I asked
“Everything – table, chair, floor.”
“No I didn’t, what was that?”
“This is what I hate in Guatemala, volcanos are all around the town.”
“You hate so many things of Guatemala but Roberto!”
“I love the weather here.”, Ana blushed – I could see in the dimmed light of the restaurant. She was not panic anymore, all worries had disappeared from her face.
“I want to meet Roberto, can I?”, I said
“No, you can’t.”
“He will be jealous of you.”
“I am not going to take you away from him.”
“I know, this is how Guatemalan boys are.”
“How many of them you have known?”
“Just him.”

Ana came to Guatemala to work for a charity where she was PA to the director. She got the job because she spoke English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. She wanted to learn German too.

I asked her, “How would you conclude so knowing one boy?”
“You need to stay here long enough to understand. You have to have fair heart of a girl. He is mysterious, keeps changing his mind, sometimes he ignores me – even does not talk. It goes for weeks.”
“Are you passing those down weeks?”
“Yes. I decided to get over him a few times, I don’t know why I am after this ruthless.”

All she wanted was to marry Roberto – she had gone through ups and downs like a roller-coaster. She loved him with all of her patience. She hated Guatemalan boys but she loved him.

Last time I heard from Ana 2 years ago. She has 2 daughters now, she has built a house out of the town – she and Roberto have built that house. They are living happily – I wonder if she still goes through those down weeks – I don’t know.

One thing I certainly know that she couldn’t learn German.

নাস্তা বিভ্রাট

গতকাল রাতে ঠিক করেছিলাম আজ সকালে পান্তাভাত খাব । সাথে ডাল, কাঁচামরিচ, পেয়াঁজ এবং মুড়ি । গিন্নিকে বলেছিলাম ভাতে পানি দিয়ে রাখতে ।

সকালে উঠে যা হলো ।

ছুটির দিন । গিন্নি গিয়েছে বাচ্চাদের নিয়ে আরবী ক্লাসে । ঘুম থেকে উঠে হাতমুখ ধুয়ে রান্নাঘরের বেঞ্চটপের উপর বাটিতে পান্তাভাত পেলাম । এবার আনুসঙ্গিক জিনিসের যোগাড়ে লেগে গেলাম । তিন গাছ থেকে তিন প্রজাতির কাঁচামরিচ তুলে আনলাম টিপে টিপে । টেপাটিপির কারণ হলো, কাঁচামরিচ হতে হবে সঠিক আয়ুর – বেশি কচি হওয়া যাবে না আবার বেশি বতি হওয়া যাবে না – হতে হবে মাঝামাঝি । তাতে কাঁচামরিচের সুগন্ধ হয়, বেশি ঝালে হা-হু করতে হবে না আবার অল্প ঝালের জন্য খাওয়াটা মাটি হবে না ।

এবার পেয়াঁজ । সাধারণ পেয়াঁজ দিয়ে পান্তাভাত খাওয়ার মজা নষ্ট । গ্রাম-বাংলায় যে ছোট-ছোট দেশী পেয়াঁজ তাই লাগবে । এখানেও তা পাওয়া যায় । সাহেবরা এর নাম দিয়েছে স্যালট । পেয়াঁজ পেলাম ফ্রিজে । ছুরির খোঁজে কাবার্ড-ড্রয়ার সব খোলা-খুলি শুরু করলাম । ছুরি নেই । বাসায় তো অন্তত আধ-ডজন ছুরি থাকার কথা – সবজি কাটার জন্য, মাছ-মাংশ কাটার জন্য, ফল কাটার জন্য – এমনকি দেশ থেকে আনা একটা বটিও থাকার কথা । কিছুই নেই । পুরো রান্নাঘর তন্নতন্ন করে খুঁজেও কিছু পেলাম না । পেয়াঁজ কাটব কি করে? গিন্নিকে ফোন দিয়ে জিজ্ঞেস করবো? সে ছুরির অবস্থান বলার আগে বলবে -“হু, রান্না ঘরের তো কোন খবরই রাখ না – আমাকেই তো সব করতে হয়, ইত্যাদি ইত্যাদি “। এমন কথা শোনার চেয়ে পেয়াঁজ কামড়ে খোসা ছাড়ানো সন্মানজনক ।

পেয়াঁজ কামড়ে খোসা ছাড়াতে হলো না । ছোট একটা ফল কাটার ছুরি পেলাম । পেয়াঁজ কাটলে তো গন্ধ লেগে থাকবে! কি করি? থাকুক আপেল-তরমুজের চেয়ে শ্যালট বাবাজির বাজার মূল্য কয়েকগুন । শ্যালটের গন্ধে আপেল-তরমুজের ধন্য হওয়া উচিত ।

ফ্রিজ থেকে ডাল বের করে ওভেনে খানিকটা গরম করে পান্তাভাতে মেশালাম । এবার মুড়ি খুঁজতে লাগলাম । নেই, কোথাও নেই । ড্রয়ার খুললেই চকলেট, বিস্কুট কিংবা বাচ্চাদের খাবার জিনিস । মুড়ি ছাড়া পান্তাভাত খাব না । ফোন দেব? যদি বলে “বাজার-ঘাটের খবর তো কিছু রাখো না । মুড়ি নাই, শেষ হয়ে গেছে” । তার চেয়ে মুড়ি ছাড়াই পান্তাভাত খাওয়া ভাল । অবশেষে মুড়ি পেলাম প্যানট্রির সবার উপরের তাকে – সুপার মার্কেটে যেমন অ-গুরুত্ব্পুর্ন সদাই সবার উপরের তাকে রাখে – খুঁজে পেতে যেমন আপনাকে পায়ের আঙ্গুলের উপরে ভর দিয়ে উঁচু হয়ে দেখতে হয় । মুড়ির টিন নামানোর আগে ভাবছিলাম – টিন খালি নয় তো! টিন হাতে নিয়ে হালকা মনে হলো । খোলার আগে হালকা ঝাঁকি দিলাম । আছে, অল্প হলেও আছে ।

নাস্তার যোগাড়ে যত কষ্টই হলো না কেন, নাস্তাটা হলো জব্বর । কষ্ট করলে কেষ্ট মেলে ।

When Life Has No Need to Live

Every time I visit Rudy at the nursing home, I come out with sadness and depression. This is heart breaking when I think myself in his situation in last days of my life.

As Rudy does not have teeth, I asked if he wanted to eat and drink anything. He said, “Banana and coffee – a cappuccino with one sugar. I visited him with some bananas and a cappuccino with one sugar.

He smiled and asked me, “Peel a banana”

I peeled and gave a banana to him. He held my hand to sit down on his bed. He kept holding me by his left hand and he was eating banana with his right hand. He ate half of the banana with one bite then released my hand and he lie down and ate rest of the banana by another bite. Then he asked me to peel another. I had never seen anyone eating a banana in such a way as if he was starving. He ate another. Then Rudy asked me to give him the coffee.

He needed to sit down to drink coffee. He held my hand and started to drink warm coffee as if he was drinking water. The coffee wasn’t hot and it was not cold either – I got it from Gloria Jeans at Cockburn, it took me five minutes to drive to arrive at Rudy. He was drinking it like water as you drink cold water when you are thirsty. Suddenly he lie down by holding the coffee in his mouth. He was drinking, it choked, then spilled on the white bed sheet. I felt nervous – I pulled him up, helped him to sit down. I took the coffee away from him, half of it he drank. Then I put it in the bed side bin.

Rudy asked another banana. I was afraid whether he can eat too many of them. I went to the nurses room and asked the nurse if Rudy can eat 3 bananas, nurse permitted.

I came to his room and found that he picked up the coffee from bin and he was drinking. It surprised me.

He ate the third banana.

I was in rush, spoke to him brief. When I am about to go, he asked for the forth banana. I said, “No, I have told Jessica (nurse) to give you banana later. You had enough for now.” He smiled – a smile of embarrassment, “Next time bring 2 bananas and one coffee only, ok?”

I kept the bananas out of his reach as he needs supervised eating. I took the coffee and then I said goodbye and left. I put the coffee in the bin outside his room.

I pray that I do not want to live like that. I want to die before reaching such situation – I want to live as long as I do not need someone’s help permanently for physical movement.

I love you Moona

What an email from my 10 years old daughter when I told her over the phone that I was sad!

“Don’t be sad. If U be sad I’ll be sad. Remember the email u sent me about how life is hard? Talking to someone about how I feel makes me feel much better…
Please try your best to be happy and enjoy life. I will pray u will be happy again.
And if u are desperate then listen to the song ” happy” by Pharell Williams…
Whatever u do be happy soon.. And don’t listen to the song “sad” of Elton John”

– Moona